Friday, March 27, 2009

Food. Drool.

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I've sometimes wondered whether it would be acceptable to serve an entire reception meal of just our caterer's hors d'oeuvres. They just released their spring/summer seasonal menu, and I'm drooling. Who can resist these yummy-sounding bites?
  • Argentinian corn empanada with chimichurri sauce
  • Zucchini beignet topped with a creamy tomato and walnut sauce
  • Housemade jalapeno poppers stuffed with goat cheese
  • Beef Wellington sliders
  • Organic shiitake tarts topped with leek frites
  • Chicken cordon bleu lollipop with white wine mustard sauce
  • Scallop and bacon bites with a sweet Thai chili
  • Crispy rice paper shrimp with miso ginger cream filling
  • Sundried tomato and chevre pouches in flaky phyllo
Awesome. But how do we choose only 4?! The scallop and bacon bites are a must (Econo Boy and I are scallop addicts), and I think the corn empanadas sound divine. What say you? Based on description alone, which ones would you like to see on an appetizer tray near you?

Alas, our entrees are not quite so exciting ... I caved to parental pressure and went with the basic "chicken or beef" options. But it will be good chicken or beef! (I myself may go with the vegetarian option: spring vegetable and goat cheese strudel. No, I'm not a vegetarian, what's your point? ;-) )


Color Me Green said...

yum i would also go for the empanadas...and those sundried tomato and chevre pouches sound good too!

Sweet T said...

your choices sound fab, and those jalapeno poppers would be awesome. but i love jalapeno poppers even if they're from Chili's so who am I kidding.

CaitStClair | A Peachy Bride said...

You're right. I have no idea how you're supposed to choose. They all sound delicious! Although the jalapeno poppers sound particularly tasty right now, as do the sundried tomato pouches.

Abbie said...

Because you're going basic with dinner, I would go with some of the more exotic apps and not do more beef. They all sound delish!