Thursday, June 19, 2008

More gowns from the internet

I'm currently away in England for five weeks for research-related purposes. Although I'm glad to get away from the miserable summers on the East Coast, I can't help feeling like all of my fun party planning has been rudely interrupted by this journey abroad. Also, I miss Econo Boy terribly. When you're used to coming home to your sweetheart in a lovingly decorated apartment and sitting down for a nice homemade dinner with some wine, coming home to an empty dorm room and living on microwave curries can get a bit depressing.

So how do I cheer myself up? Online gown browsing, duh! Here are four that I really like (complete with design numbers so I can ask bridal salons about them when I go home).

Sottero & Midgeley SSM5049. I love three things about it: 1) the silhouette -- it's a slim skirt but not too clingy; 2) the ruching on the bodice; 3) the corset back.

I'm also excited about the color shown here -- it's pale pink. I'm not sure if I'm bold enough to go with such an ultra-girly color, but I hope the sample gown is pink so I can get an idea of what it might look like.

2185 by Mori Lee. I really liked that strapless lace gown I tried on at my one and only visit to a bridal salon, but at $1300 it's a little more than I want to spend. I've been looking for similar gowns that aren't quite as pricey, and I think this Mori Lee gown is really lovely (except for the long train, hopefully I could ask to have it made shorter).

C912 from Jasmine Bridals (the company who designed my friend Susan's gown -- Susan, incidentally, was the person who introduced me & Econo Boy!). It's hard to see on this small internet picture, but I saw this gown in a magazine ad and the detailing on the neckline and bodice is gorgeous. It's a bit heavier and more elaborate than the others but I think it's romantic and would probably be really flattering on me.

Elyssa from Sophia Tolli. I'm kind of in love with this dress -- I think the fabric looks amazing, really soft and luxurious.

Of course, if my first visit to a bridal salon was any indication, what I like online will have almost nothing to do with what I actually get to try on in the store! Also, it kind of stinks that I can't try on any more gowns for another five weeks, just when I'm having so much fun looking. (I guess I could pester some poor British bridal shop person into letting me try stuff on, but I'd feel bad about wasting her time. There definitely isn't any room in my suitcase for a wedding dress!)

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Rachel said...

Hey did you ever get to try on the Sophia Tolli Elyssa gown? I'm in love with it, but I can't find anywhere to try it on. 8-(