Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wine Wednesday 3: Las Brisas white

A few weeks ago, Econo Boy and I treated ourselves to a mixed case of wines. We threw in a few old favorites, but the majority of the bottles we picked were new to us -- and among the few bottles we've opened we've already found some new favorites!

On Thanksgiving, we broke out two bottles of Cabernet to go with the dinner -- our old favorite Annabella Cab and a Rodney Strong 2006 Sonoma Cab (which I thought tasted too strongly of vanilla, but was nice with the food). But my favorite Thanksgiving wine was the white we opened to serve with the appetizers: the 2007 Las Brisas Rueda white from Spain.

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This white is absolutely wonderful -- slightly sharp and citrusy, but not too dry, and with just enough body to stand up to the cheeses we had out for pre-dinner snacks without feeling heavy. And at $8-10 a bottle it's a great value. In fact, it's gone on the short list for wines we might serve at our wedding!

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