Thursday, August 20, 2009

Denver Vendor Reviews

Now that I’ve finished wedding “recaps,” I’ve decided to write another semi-obligatory post-wedding post: vendor reviews. The business side of the wedding is not nearly as much fun as the wine or the dancing or the food or the wonderful pictures of your family members hugging post-ceremony. But at the same time, I know how helpful local recommendations were to us in our wedding planning (especially given that we really didn't want to have to interview 20 different florists, DJs, and photographers), and I like to pass along props for people who did good work for us.

I’m not going to go into much detail on each of these vendors because let’s face it – that’s kind of boring. But if you’re a Denver bride or groom considering any of the following companies, leave me a note in the comments with your e-mail address – I’m happy to tell you more if you’re curious! I'm sorting them by category -- Highly Recommended, Recommended, and Not Recommended. (We didn't really have anyone who fell into the "Neutral" or "Maybe Recommended" type categories.)

Highly Recommended:
These are vendors who went above and beyond for us, who delivered exactly what we wanted, at a great price. If we had friends ask us who they should use for their weddings, we’d rave about these four vendors.
  • Dana Dunphy, Revel & Bloom (day-of coordinator)
  • David Wegwart, Photocraftz (photography)
  • Sue Kimball, Kimball Floral (flowers)
  • Mulberries (cake bakery)
Recommended: These are vendors who did a good job, maybe with a few minor snafus along the way. We’d recommend all of them to friends.
  • Three Tomatoes Catering (food)
  • Butler Rents (rentals)
  • Argonaut Liquor (wine, beer and hard alcohol)
  • Applejack Liquor (wine – yes, we purchased wine from 2 places. Yes, we’re nuts.)
  • Grant-Humphreys Mansion (venue)
  • Musictainment (DJ)
Not Recommended: (that one's pretty self-explanatory)
  • Unnamed string quartet (ceremony music). I don’t want to bash them by name on my blog (although I did post a lukewarm-to-negative review on Honestly, their mistake on the processional wasn't that big a deal, but it annoyed me because they refused to come to the rehearsal, citing their "talent and experience." Also, I didn't care for the disdainful way they treated my dad (a church organist with 50+ years of classical music training) in the weeks leading up to the wedding. It was pretty clear that they slapped together our music at the last minute and didn't take weddings very seriously. So if you're looking for a string quartet in Denver and would like to steer clear of this group, leave a comment with your e-mail address and I'll get back to you!


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