Friday, January 2, 2009

Mmmm, cake

I love being able to use vendors recommended by friends. At the engagement party I mentioned in my last post, recently-married friends "Jane" and "Janet" overheard me talking about an upcoming tasting at a local bakery. Both immediately pounced. "You *have* to try Mulberries!" they exclaimed enthusiastically.

I was pretty sure we were going with the bakery where we'd already scheduled a tasting, but what the heck, free cake is free cake. Econo Boy called Mulberries and got us an appointment.

I'm so glad we took their advice! The other bakery was great, but more expensive than we'd anticipated, and a bit more into the giant Martha Stewart Weddings cakes and not so excited about the simple picture I showed them. On the other hand, Mulberries was pretty much our dream bakery. They don't even use the hated fondant -- their cakes wear buttercream and only buttercream. The cakes were moist and delicious. And they had my absolute favorite cake combination in the entire world: marble cake with chocolate pudding filling.

To save money, and to enable our caterers to serve cake almost immediately after the cake-cutting ceremony, we're going with a small 50-person decorated cake with a large sheet cake in the back. We're doing two flavors: marble/chocolate pudding and lemon/fresh raspberries. The outside of the fancy cake will look pretty much like this, only with summer berries instead of fall fruits.

Image from

Only one question remains ... should we add something to the sides of the cake? My mom suggested that we add a bit of pattern to the icing, like this photo.

Image from

What do you think? Clean and classic (i.e. leave it plain), or a bit fancier and more romantic (i.e. add some decoration)?


Sweet T said...

we had a simple cake too, with swiss dots as the adornment- you can check out a picture here:

Anonymous said...



Color Me Green said...

I vote for the plain style - looks perfect as it is with the fruit!

Bride in Exile said...

Sweet T, your cake is gorgeous and it's making my mouth water! Where did you get that cake topper?

Apricot and Color Me Green, I think you're right -- the cake would look great with just the fruit!