Friday, January 23, 2009

This week in affordable shoes

Yikes. I bought the dress. We picked the invitations. Now how am I going to procrastinate online?!

Oh, I know. Wedding shoes! And to make it exciting, why not look at ones I can actually afford? And with the 2-inch heels that my custom hem was measured for?

After some preliminary searching, I have a few observations. First, the world needs *way* more blue evening shoes. I bet tons of brides would love to have their shoes be their "something blue," but the options I've seen are less than inspiring. I do like these cute Lola heels from Annie, though, selling at for a mere $44.95:
Second, make with the sturdy heels, shoe designers. I can't wear stilettos on grass. Let's see more like the Vaneli Walberte (perhaps without the slightly steep price tag of $82.95*):
Third, I've never owned a t-strap sandal before, but I've seen several pretty ones and now I'm intrigued -- they look comfortable and dancing-friendly. Perhaps the David Tate Infinity ($70) might be worth a try?

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* $82.95 is not a crazy price for shoes, I realize. But remember: poor student here!


apricot said...

if you're looking for shoes you can dance in, why not go to a dancewear/dance shoe store? They have fabulous ballroom dance shoes, and they can help you find a perfect fit!

Clare said...

Great finds.!! Zappos has a huge selection of beautiful wedding shoes. I too got my pair from there.