Saturday, May 23, 2009

This week in wedding minutiae, Part 2

We delivered our first invitation this week!

While it's not strictly correct to hand-deliver wedding invitations, according to Miss Manners, in this case it really was our best option. See, our best man, T, is sort of a globe-trotting international man of mystery. We have 3 addresses for him on 3 different continents and it is impossible to keep track of where he is at any given time. Hence, when we met him for dinner in NYC, we decided that we needed to take advantage of the fact that we knew where T was for one whole evening and deliver his invite. He was appropriately complimentary about our design, and it was so much fun to see our first little invitation actually reach its recipient!

The next day, as we addressed a pile of invitations, I jokingly asked Econo Boy what the odds were on T actually sending in the RSVP card as he jets between international adventures.
Econo Boy: "Oh, I told him he didn't have to."
Me: "You WHAT?"
Econo Boy: "I told him he didn't need to RSVP, we know he's coming."
Me: "But ... but ... but ... MENU OPTIONS!"
Econo Boy: "Oh, I forgot about that. Well, I bet he wants beef."
Me: "So let me get this straight. You've been telling people not to RSVP to our wedding?!"
Econo Boy (now sensing danger): "No! Well, I mean, I told T that. But no one else. I promise."
Me: "OK." (Long pause) "Because you know, they need to RSVP, or we won't have a count for the caterer."
Econo Boy: "I know, I know, I promise everyone else will RSVP."
Me: "And it's not that hard to send in the card, that's why we're putting stamps on 'em."
Econo Boy: "Yes, sweetie. I completely agree. People need to RSVP. I swear I will not tell anyone else they can skip sending in the RSVP card."
Me: "Good."
(Long pause as we address more invitations)
Econo Boy: "T probably wouldn't have sent it in anyway, you know."
Me: "Yeah, I'll give you that."

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LPC said...

Hahahaha! Cute interchange.

Bride in Exile said...

Thanks, LPC :-) How I long for the days when people (allegedly) composed their own gracious notes of acceptance in response to wedding invitations, rather than losing the pre-printed, pre-stamped RSVP card somewhere in the mess on their kitchen tables!