Saturday, May 30, 2009

The post office finally comes through!

Econo Boy's parents called us last night to share some good news -- our invitation arrived in yesterday's mail! In fact, we've heard from family members as far away as LA that the invites are arriving.

Wow, this is really happening. People are getting our invitations. My mom will soon be receiving an avalanche of RSVP cards and logging them into our Google Docs spreadsheet. (I swear, I should have put a note on our invitations -- "this wedding is brought to you by Google Docs." Econo Boy and I are spreadsheet addicts.) People are buying plane tickets to come to our wedding!

When did it hit you that the wedding was for real?

Edited to add: I just saw this and couldn't resist!

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accordionsandlace said...

This moment was totally crazy for us too! And we now check the mail OBSESSIVELY. Weirdly our invites arrived in the UK and US faster than they did to our Canadian guests, but it felt so, so crazy to hear that people had received them. I am now addicted to my guestlist spreadsheet, and three weeks after having sent them out we've heard from about a third of our guests by now. More mail to come!

(Oh also wait until one of your declines sends you a GIFT! That also feels crazy!)

Bride in Exile said...

A., when my mom said she wanted to do the RSVPs for us I thought she was nuts -- that sounded like a really boring chore to me. But now I'm sort of jealous that she gets to be the one receiving all those cards! (Having them mailed to us really wasn't practical, though. We're moving next month -- I'd hate to have some of our RSVPs caught in mail forwarding!)

Abbie said...

Yay! Isn't it fun hearing that people are getting them? I stopped by the post office today to find we had 10 more sent back. Exciting!

Anonymous said...

Well, your wedding became real once I received your invite today :)

Tickets, hotel, and car are booked!!! Can't wait to see you looking splendiferous!


Bride in Exile said...

Yay apricot!!! I can't wait to see you there :-)