Thursday, July 9, 2009

RSVPs part III: my favorite responses to RSVP follow-ups

Our efforts to follow up with guests who hadn't RSVPd yielded one excellent excuse, a couple who did RSVP but whose card went astray, and a handful of pretty lame responses.

* "I'm definitely coming, but my wife hasn't decided if she can make the time yet. Can you put her as a 'maybe'?"

* "Sorry I didn't return the card, I thought my dad already told you I couldn't make it." (Is it just me, or should someone over 30, living on his own, consider handling his own social calendar without parental assistance?)

* "Oh, right! I lost the invitation, but I totally want to come. When is it again? And can I bring my girlfriend?" (Age of guest: two years older than I am.)

But my personal favorite RSVP mishap was the phone call I got last night: "Hi BiE! I RSVP'd no, but then I realized the river rafting in Colorado was going to be awesome this month. Can I still come? I already bought the plane tickets." (This was a relative of mine! We got the call while staying with my grandparents, and my poor grandmother was beside herself with annoyance.)

To be honest, though, we're feeling pretty good about everything -- walkthroughs are scheduled, all invited guests are accounted for, our seating chart is in good shape, and we're arriving in Denver tomorrow. Whew! Here we go!


anna and the ring said...

Argh, I get stressed when people don't reply to my emails.

What is so hard to understand!?!

Now that is an impressive relative of yours! Got to give him points for cheekiness and ignorance! Bless him.

Abbie said...

This honestly sounds exactly like our follow-ups! We just had J's boss tell him yesterday that "oh... our daughter is going to be in town with her boyfriend, so change our 3 to 5."... when only 2 were invited to begin with, and he'd already added one on.

accordionsandlace said...

This entry cracked my shit up. We got a "no" RSVP today from one of the mister's aunts and cousins; his mom chased them down and they had "forgotten". Dudes!

PS -- Happy travels to Colorado and good luck on the home stretch!