Friday, April 3, 2009

Uh ... oops

When I went to pick up my dress back in January, I decided to go ahead and order a veil. I knew exactly what I wanted -- a 2-tier fingertip veil with some sort of edge and minimal "poof." The saleslady showed me a 2-tier veil with a corded edge that I thought was the perfect length, and had the sheer, sleek look I wanted. We'll call that one Veil A.

She then suggested I look at a vermicelli edge veil -- she only had a 1-tiered sample (which we'll call Veil B), but I tried it on and decided I liked the delicate vermicelli edge with my gown. So I asked for Veil A with Veil B's edge, and thought I was all done.

Well, today the veil came in. I picked it up while racing between errands, then took it home, and with stars in my eyes, I perched it on my head ...

And people, let me tell you, that "minimal poof" thing totally did not happen. I have NEVER IN MY LIFE seen this much tulle!

This veil could double as a parachute if we decided to do a skydiving wedding. I could use this veil as my drag chute if I ever took up street racing. That umbrella that Mary Poppins uses to fly away into the atmosphere has NOTHING on my veil -- I'm pretty sure that if I stepped outside with this thing on a windy day it would transform into a parasail and I'd soar into the clouds.

This sassy bride is totally rocking the puffy veil. Me? Uh ... not so much. Image from

So now I'm not quite sure what to do. Looking at my receipt, it appears that the salon ordered "Veil B with 2 tiers" instead of "Veil A with Veil B's edge" like I thought, but I didn't notice that when I paid, which is 100% my fault. On the phone, the salon owner said she can't return the veil because it's not technically the "wrong veil" from the manufacturer's point of view, but did say she'd be willing to exchange my veil for one they have in stock. I'm going in tomorrow to see if there's one closer to what I wanted that I can swap it for. But if that doesn't work ... well, there may soon be a new posting on Craigslist. "For Sale: World's Poofiest Veil. Ivory. Never worn. Could possibly give the wearer the ability to fly!"


Abbie said...

Good luck! As much as I'd like to think I'm a veil girl, I'm afraid anything remotely poufy would send J running the other way!

Bride in Exile said...

Good news from the salon -- when the other owner (my saleswoman) saw the veil, she immediately said "oh no, that's not right at all!" Evidently the manufacturer sent us a circle-cut veil gathered in the center, instead of a nice flat 2-tier veil. Another veil will be ordered on Monday. Phew! I was a bit worried I'd lose my money, but I wasn't about to wear a tulle drag chute in public :-)