Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How many excuses does it take to change a light bulb?

Aaaaand we're back to here.

My recalcitrant printer agreed to mail my invites on April 15 and send me the tracking number. On April 16, having heard nothing, I contacted her to ask what my status was. She replied that she was out of town for a family emergency.

She returned on the 21st, and when I contacted her, she told me my new delivery date is April 30 ... more than two weeks after what she promised me in March.

Sigh. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, I really do, and I don't question that she's had some bad luck of late. But after three and a half months of terrible communication and multiple tales of woe, she's starting to remind me of that student who always has an excuse for why she can't turn something in on time -- "my grandmother's sick," "my car broke down," "I'm super-busy and so stressed out," etc. etc.

It's gotten so bad that Econo Boy and I have already chosen and customized the Wedding Paper Divas invitations that we'll rush-order in mid-May if the Etsy invitations don't come through. If May 15 rolls around and we still don't have a tracking number, all we have to do is click "buy."

A couple of people have contacted me wanting to know this seller's name so they can steer clear. I don't feel comfortable trashing her by name, but I will advise anyone looking on Etsy for a printer to read the recent feedback *very* carefully (i.e. look for neutral as well as negative feedback -- neutral feedback doesn't get counted in the feedback score -- and make sure you're looking at feedback from fellow buyers, not sellers who sold things to the owner).

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