Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weddingtainment: Ellie and Awesome, "Chuck"

The cake didn't arrive? Your caterer brought shrimp cocktail instead of shrimp skewers? The flowers are the wrong color?

Don't worry. Your wedding is still going better than Ellie Bartowski's. Luckily she's taking it in stride.

Image from sepinwall.blogspot.com

Last night's "Chuck" finale featured the wedding of Chuck's older sister Ellie and her fiance Devon, better known as Captain Awesome (because he is a hot doctor who enjoys skydiving and other Awesome activities). Unfortunately, an enemy of our reluctant spy hero shows up to ruin the festivities. Not only does he threaten to kill Ellie unless Chuck does what he wants ... he threatens the cake! Clearly Chevy Chase is pure evil.

Image from NBC.com

If you're up for an hour of goofy, wedding-related fun, go to Hulu or NBC.com right now and stream "Chuck vs. the Ring." The episode is a bit heavy on the "Chuck" backstory (so don't worry if all the talk of the Intersect has you totally lost), but I think anyone who's ever planned or attended a wedding will sympathize with Chuck's horror as ... well, I won't tell you the whole story. Just know that it involves paratroopers, the worst wedding band ever, a last-minute alteration to a bridesmaid's dress, and some pretty scary in-laws.

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