Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bullet dodged

Whoa. I logged onto Etsy yesterday to find a solution for my musty-smelling dresser drawers (mini lavender sachets!), and out of curiosity I decided to check out my invitation designer's store.

Her feedback rating is now at 68%. Recent feedback includes 2 negative reports from buyers who never received their wedding invitations.

Is it weird that this makes me feel better, in a way? Obviously I feel terrible for the couples who never got their orders -- Econo Boy and I were pretty stressed out when we thought we'd have to rush-print our own. But now I don't feel like such an unreasonable psycho for being on her case 24/7 towards the end. If I hadn't, she might not have finished my project. I hate being mean, especially to someone who seems like a basically nice person, but in this case, I don't think I had an alternative.

Well, enough about that. Coming up soon: my one and only DIY project!


anna said...


P.S I just bestowed upon you a Lovely Blog Award - I love hearing about your adventures.

LPC said...

Oh I think it's not even close to weird that this data makes you feel better. It means you were right in your assessment. That's never bad in my book. The next time you have a similar situation you will trust your judgment that much more quickly and people will begin to impute wisdom to you...

Bride in Exile said...

LPC, as an aspiring college professor, it is my ultimate goal in life to have people impute wisdom to me ;-)