Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thoughts on a wedding dress at fitting #2

I have a bit of a strange relationship with my wedding dress. I go back and forth from loving it to thinking I should have gotten something less formal/with ruching/with less lace/that wasn't white/that cost less. If I had it back to do again, I would probably look more seriously into having it custom-made, or go for something like this Jenny Yoo silk shantung bridesmaid's dress (in pale pink instead of purple):

The Jenny Yoo Sloane dress. Image from JennyYoo.com

Picking out the dress was probably one of the most emotionally fraught parts of wedding planning for me. I'm somewhat insecure about my appearance, and there's so much pressure on brides to find the PERFECT DRESS, the one that makes you feel like a princess and a sex goddess and a fashion model and most importantly a bride. Yikes. No dress can do all of that. But when I bought the dress, I was new-ish to wedding planning and still convinced, in my heart of hearts, that everything had to be PERFECT or it wasn't worth doing. (Ah, the joys of being a lifelong perfectionist.) And part of me felt like a little bit of a failure for going with a dress that I just really liked, instead of one that I loved and couldn't live without or whatever.

But last week, at my second fitting, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and you know what? I looked really good. Is my dress the "perfect dress"? Probably not. (Is there such a thing? Almost certainly not.) But I like it, it's flattering, and I bet Econo Boy will think I look beautiful. So I'm happy. And the fact that I needed only minimal alterations doesn't hurt!

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accordionsandlace said...

I had almost the exact same experience! Perfect is unlikely to exist in an imperfect world--we will still have our body insecurities, etc., even in our wedding dress--not the dress's fault! But yeah, I think what is more realistic is that I want to feel "special" in it, like it is not just any ordinary dress but an item of clothing that transcends everyday clothing a little bit, and that I've got. Sounds like you do too!

Also I assume you will post photos someday. You better.