Monday, June 29, 2009

Two confessions

My first confession: posting will be rather sporadic this month. Econo Boy and I are moving to a new city, and after 6 days of setting up house there, we'll fly to Denver to hang with our families and tie up the last few loose ends for our wedding! I've saved up a few posts that I've scheduled at regular intervals, but when those run out, all bets are off. We're excited, nervous, stressed out, hopeful, terrified, and all of those other emotions you tend to experience at times of major upheaval. Please send us good thoughts as we lug our boxes down to the moving van!

My second confession is a little more painful. I adore wedding recaps, especially if I've been following the blog for a while. I've been drooling over Sweet T's amazing wedding photos for the past few months -- it's so much fun to see how it all comes together at the end!

Which is why I feel a little bad about what I'm about to say: I won't be posting recaps. Or, if I do, they will be quite limited in scope.

I've always been somewhat touchy about my online privacy. I don't post photos of myself, except on Facebook (where I have my privacy settings set to "friends only") or if I've edited out my head. I don't use my real name in any of my online handles, and I've carefully avoided specifying our current location. Econo Boy is even worse; he doesn't even have a Facebook account because he thinks that's TMII (Too Much Internet Information). So the idea of posting a ton of pictures of us here, where anyone in the whole world could (theoretically) see them, runs against our rather private (some would say Luddite) nature.

At the same time, my online life, especially when it comes to wedding planning, has been kept almost entirely private from my friends and family. Exactly one person from my "real life" knows about this blog (hi, Apricot!). And I wouldn't feel comfortable posting photos of my loved ones when they don't even know that I have a blog.

So, no recaps from yours truly -- at least, not ones with photos of people. But I will tell all the stories, and share as many "detail" photos as I get! Blogging, and reading blogs by other amazing women, has definitely kept me sane over the past few months as I've grappled with wedding planning and impending wifehood. You guys are awesome!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it dude--I get where you're coming from, and have actually had numerous conversations with the mister about this. The only "real life" person that knows about my blog is the mister. Oh, and our photographers, haha! I can only write what I write because of the anonymity. When I started the blog, I didn't really think forward to the expectation of recaps, but then all of a sudden I was having stuff like hair trials and having to decide whether or not to post them.

As you know, I have. I am mostly concerned with not being personally "google-able" so I'll never put my name or anything, but thankfully you can't search my image. I will leave it up to the dude how comfortable he is with his photos up there. My theory is that it is very possible that a friend or two will find the blog, but even without photos, they would immediately figure out that it was me. And that wouldn't be the end of the world. The end of the world would be my family finding it, but thankfully they don't really know how to use the internet at all.

It's risky, so I really respect you taking a hard stance on it. We all need to make these choices about exposing ourselves publicly, and you don't "owe" your readers anything! (Not that I wouldn't love to see your photos!) I also think that text recaps would still be awesome.

Finally, good luck with your move! Moves stress me out so much--I hope that yours is as painless as possible.

Color Me Green said...

i think we all understand about the photo recaps. it's a really difficult line to draw between public and privacy on blogs, and it's something i'm currently working through. good luck with the move!

anna and the ring said...

I get where you are coming from my lovely.

No-one apart from my boy knows, partly for the anonymity and partly because I do not come from a blog friendly circle of friends. I like that the community is, on the whole, non-judgemental, does not tire of my random ramblings.

If you do not want show your face, although I would love to see your happiness on your day, I will not judge you and look forward to seeing all your details.

Hope that makes sense?

Enjoy the next few weeks! Too exciting.

Bride in Exile said...

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

So far so good with the move -- 4 hours at IKEA later, and it almost looks like a reasonable place to live!

Sweet T said...

no need to apologize for no recaps! even though my face is splashed everywhere on the blog, I otherwise fiercely guard my privacy-- I don't use my real name or email address for anything related to the wedding blog, not even linking it to my FB or food blog, and definitely not telling a lot of people about it. I probably never would have done recaps had it not been for the whole eWeddingbee syndication... I definitely wouldn't have recapped with so many photos, that's for sure!