Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wine Wednesday: Zinfandels

Zinfandels are hit or miss for me. Some Zins subscribe to the "fruit bomb" theory of red wines -- think liquefied blackberry jam mixed with vodka. Some people love the fruit bombs, but they're not my thing. But drier, spicier Zinfandels are some of my favorite wines.

One of the best Zins I've ever had is the Cline Cellars Ancient Vines Zinfandel. It practically explodes on the tongue, with tons of fruit and spice, and goes down with a delightful peppery finish.

Note: don't confuse this Ancient Vines Zin with the Cline red-label standard Zinfandel. The latter is very fruit-bomb-y, with much less character and pop. Econo Boy loves the Cline red label, but I'm less of a fan. For a good comparison of the two Clines, see this post at Unfortunately the Cline red label is much more widely distributed than the Ancient Vines, but if you're ever in Sonoma, Cline is absolutely worth a visit!


Anonymous said...

I just went to that winery last month! I don't know what I had, but I drank a lot of it and it was goood.

Bride in Exile said...

Deseray, aren't they nice there? The Cline tasting room had a really good vibe, friendly and fun. A woman next to us was tasting wines and ordered 4 cases of her favorites, then told us that she goes to Cline every year to buy wines for her annual summer bash. I'm so jealous I don't live close enough to Sonoma buy all of my party wines directly from the wineries! :-)

I should say, too, that when we brought the Cline red label to a party, it was a big hit -- people described it as smooth and fruity without being overwhelming. It's just not to my personal taste, I guess!