Monday, June 22, 2009

Table settings, or: my continuing quest for the World's Worst Photographer award

Sometimes, no matter how old she gets, a girl just needs her mommy. At least, that's how I felt when I realized that I needed to pick out table settings for the wedding. I could have just gone with white everything and relied on the centerpieces to provide color, but my mom is kind of a genius at home decor. (She should have her own blog -- heck, her own magazine. Martha Stewart, look out!) So naturally I dragged my mom with me to the rental place to help me figure out what we were doing.

Here's a photo I brought along of a table setting on a dark blue tablecloth, with something close to our newly-selected flower colors:

Image from

At the rental showroom, my mom and I immediately pounced on their new navy blue organza overlays -- not quite as cool as the textured ones in the photo, but a) available and b) affordable. The rental folks were nice enough to set up a sample table for us so we could evaluate different looks. After some rearranging of plates, glassware, and trying several different napkins only to settle on the first one we tried (navy), my mom and I came up with this:

OK, the photo sucks, but this time I have an excuse: I took this on a cell phone camera, it being the only camera we had available at the time. Ignore the unfortunately-placed seam and the wrinkles from the folds. I think with the centerpieces, mirrors, and candles, it's going to look really cool!


accordionsandlace said...

I like! It gives you a little something without being too glitzy. Go your mom!

Bride in Exile said...

Thanks A! I need to remember to put "table setting" on the photographer's list of pictures. The cell phone picture is somewhat underwhelming (low resolution, bad lighting, ugly fake-wood thing behind it) but I think it's going to be really pretty when it's a full table and there's a centerpiece and votive candles in the middle.