Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wine Wednesday: Cono Sur Sauvigon Blanc

I never cease to be amazed by the character, complexity, and value of Chilean wines, and this week's pick is no exception. Introducing: Cono Sur Sauvignon Blanc.

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If you're looking for a light, citrusy wine, with vibrant hints of green apple and flinty mineral hints, something to make you grin and forget the heat and humidity, this is the wine for you. It would pair beautifully with Thai or Vietnamese food, anything with fresh peppers, lemongrass, or crunchy snow peas. I loved it so much that I finished 3/4 of a bottle before Econo Boy noticed I was hogging the wine! Best of all, Cono Sur is an eco-friendly producer, and this wine costs less than $10.

If you see any Cono Sur wines on your local shelves, I'd suggest snapping them up. While the Sauvignon Blanc is the only one I've tried, I've heard fantastic things about their wines all around, and I think this is a bargain label to look for in coming years! I'm particularly excited about trying one of their Pinot Noirs, which is evidently their specialty. I've been warming to Pinot Noir in recent months, and they're Econo Boy's favorite, so I'll let you know what we think!

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